We stand by America!

The lesson from this week is: Not the United States of America, but Iran is the aggressor in the region.
Showing your colours
Showing your colours

The mullah regime in Tehran promotes international terrorism, does not care about civil rights, made Assad possible in the first place and finances almost daily attacks on Israel through Hezbollah.

Especially in uncertain times, we must clearly state who is friend and who is enemy. I stand on the side of Israel, the only democracy in the region. And I am a transatlantic. The USA is Europe’s friend. We may argue about the way forward, but there must be no doubt about the basic tenets: The West must stand together, the cohesion between America and Europe is more necessary than ever.

Europe’s warlike history teaches us to always stand up for peace and diplomacy. Europe must be a global peace power and speak with one voice. The old principle applies: Whoever wants peace must prepare for war. We need a European intervention force with the long-term goal of a European army.

The 1920s will decide whether we still play a role in the world. This can only be done with the USA as a friend and with a self-confident and united Europe.

This named article was first published on January 12, 2020 in the BILD am Sonntag.

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