European integration opens up opportunities and chances for us that we would never have had alone, even as Germans. We have to seize these opportunities and make Europe better together. We need a Europe that puts people first.
Europe is our future. We politicians are elected for the future, not for the past. Politics must shape the future with the goal of making people's lives better. I fight for a more humane and democratic Europe.
EPP Group
As Chairman of the EPP Group, I am committed to a Europe of values that is united, open, capable of action and above all close to its citizens. The European People's Party unites Christian Democratic and Liberal-Conservative parties from almost all Member States. With over 180 members of parliament, the EPP group is the strongest political force in the parliament.
Europe is not a melting pot. The greatest attraction and wealth is the diversity in the EU. Our task is to combine this diversity. I advocate not losing sight of what is essential. Not every problem in Europe is also a task for the EU.
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Active for Europe

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