15 май 2019

EUROVISION DEBATE – Bringing Europe back to the people starts with a democratic Europe


Tonight, I participated in the Eurovision debate in the European Parliament with lead candidates from other parties. I underlined my vision for a Strong, Smart and Kind Europe. Security, trade, climate change, and digital economy: those are the issues I addressed this evening and will be at the core of my political agenda for the next 5 years as President of the European Commission.


Europe is all about opportunities and nobody should be forced to leave their home country for economic reasons. An ambitious European fair trade policy means giving people, especially young generations, opportunities in the places they feel welcome, connected, and where they belong – home. Therefore, our goal is to create more well-paying jobs through fair trade agreements. We will invest in regions and infrastructure to make sure that no one is left behind.


We feel at home where we feel safe. I made it clear: Europeans’ security cannot wait any longer, that’s why we will equip the European Border and Coast Guard with at least 10.000 new officers and the latest technology. We, as EPP, have a concrete plan on how to keep the European citizens safe from terrorists. We are the only political family with a clear idea to create a European FBI.


I want a decisive and bold political step for addressing climate change issues. We believe in innovation and not in taxation. We want to invest in creating low-carbon transport technologies and say no to CO2 taxes for families, pensioners, and entrepreneurs.


We can’t leave the future of Europe in the hands of populists and extremists from the left and the right. Europe needs to be strong and united if we want to preserve our values and make the EU a role model for the world. My Commission will be the Commission of the People. We can only achieve this if we act together.